Jonathan Anzalone was born in 1981 and studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. Post graduation in 2003, woodworking became a passion that supported his art making habit. After working in the Berkshires as an apprentice for the furniture maker Peter Murkett, lines between the studio and shop work started to blur. 

In 2009 Jonathan moved to San Francisco and started Anzfer Farms with his old friend and fellow painter Joseph Ferriso. Anzfer Farms created unique objects and installations that erased distinctions between functional and non-functional objects and between the gallery and spaces that we live in. 

Jonathan currently works independently, making the effort not to discriminate or create hierarchy between bodies of work. Each object is a unique problem to solve that gets a highly considered, one of a kind solution.

We welcome all inquiries.

2441 Balboa Street
San Francisco, CA 94121